Spotlight on dental aerosols – how well is it controlled in your practice?

This article highlights the necessity of high-volume evacuation (HVE) devices and preprocedural rinsing for controlling aerosols. These measures should be standard with every patient receiving care with a device that creates aerosols.

The role of waterline management in infection control procedures

This article discusses the importance of the water supply in the dental practice by looking at its sources, the appropriate for use of portable water and strategies to bring water up to the standards required.

How well are you protected in the dental practice?

Standard precautions are in place to protect dental health care personnel and patients from transmission of various organisms. This article addressed some of the measures that should always be implemented.

Spotlight on Hand Hygiene

Healthcare experts claim that an effective hand hygiene regime for visibly-soiled hands should be between 40 and 60 seconds . But is this viable, in a busy working environment, to spend this much time on hand hygiene after each activity?

Surface Management and Damage Protocol

A deeper look into surface management chemicals  and the damage they cause to the working surfaces. In this article, relevant criteria is identified to allow for the selection of an appropriate testing methodology to identify surface damage.


Hand Hygiene Australia’s National hand washing audit results

Proper hand hygiene protocols are vital for all healthcare workers. This year, Hand Hygiene Australia’s National hand washing audit revealed that only 77 percent of hospital staff were compliant with current hand hygiene standards.


Somaey Dental Services patients urged to check for Hep B, C and HIV infections

A health warning has been concerning Dr Sahar Somaey’s Fairfield dental practice. Patients treated there since August 12 (2016) have a “low risk” of being exposed to hepatitis B, hepatitis C and/or HIV. This is due to poor sterilisation and infection prevention standards maintained at the practice, found during assessments in June and July 2017.


2017 and the worst Australian flu outbreak on record

The effect of flu-vaccines drops staggeringly some 6 months after administering. This year’s 70,000 cases of the flu this year are set to mark an all-time high, beating 2015’s record of 100,000 cases. This year’s number includes the already record-smashing 30,000 cases in july…